1kg Galden LS230
1kg Galden LS230

1kg Galden LS230

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1kg Galden LS230


Liquid Galden© LS230 from the company SOLVAY for vapor phase soldering. The boiling point is 230°C and is therefore ideally suited for SMT soldering with the common solder pastes.

Vapor phase soldering is the most modern, versatile and gentle way of soldering electronic components - and the simplest at that: during condensation, vapor of defined temperature (230°C) releases its heat to the solder joints and melts them. The size and type of components are irrelevant: whether SOP, TQFP or BGA packages - in the vapor phase, all components are heated simultaneously to exactly the same temperature.


• Non flammable
• High temperature resistance
• Excellen material compatibility
• Good dielectric properties
• No dangerous goods


Density  1,82g / cm ³
Boiling Point 230°C 
Vapour Pressure ≈ 4,5hPa